Twitter Peep Documentation

Simple, flexible and responsive Twitter Plugin with shortcodes feature for Wordpress

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form. Thanks so much!

Author: Abhishek
Contact: [email protected]
Current Version: 1.0
Documentation Version 1.0
Created: 2014-01-25
Modified: 2014-01-25

1. Install Plugin

Here's a brief information about how to install Twitter Peep from scratch

After downloading the zip file, extract all this contents in a fresh folder(ex. Twitter Peep). Here you will find 2 files.

1. (zip file)

2. documentation (folder)

  • Navigate to wordpress admin panel
  • Goto Plugins » Add New » Upload
  • Click Choose File and browse to
  • Click Install Now

  • Activate the plugin
  • Done

Configuring Twitter Peep is a cake walk. Really ! You can set up multiple accounts and use each one of them anywhere, on sidebars, pages, posts.

Create Twitter App

  1. Add a new Twitter application
  2. Fill in Name, Description, Website, and Callback URL (don't leave any blank) with anything you want
  3. Agree to rules, fill out captcha, and submit your application
  4. Copy the Consumer key and Consumer secret into the fields above
  5. Click the Update Options button at the bottom of this page

Update Settings

Now you have the consumer key and consumer secret. Follow the below steps :

  1. Navigate to Settings » Twitter Peep
  2. Input the consumer key and consumer secret
  3. Click Update Options

Authorize Twitter

Twitter will now authorize if the consumer key & consumer secret are correct and if yes it will return you with 2 more secret keys(Access Token & Access Token Secret) which gets saved in your database. These 2 secret tokens will be used to fetch tweets automatically.

  1. Click Authorize New Account
  2. Click Authorize on Twitter Popup window
  3. You are done


You can use shortcodes just anywhere in wordpress; posts, pages, etc. What you see on your right is the window where you will enter some default stuff for shortcode, so that you do not have to write long shortcodes filled with parameteres.

Warning! While writing shortcodes, these default values will be overridden.

Note: The settings are quite easy to understand !


The shortcode with all possible options is below. The default values are already set.

	before_widget = '<div class='widget_ajaxtown_twitter'>' 
	after_widget = '</div>' 
	before_title = '<h2>' 
	after_title = '</h2>' 
	title = '' 
	errmsg = '' 
	username = ''
	list = '' 
	showreplies = 'true'  
	showretweets = 'true'  
	showinreplyto = 'true' 
	showfrom = 'true'  
	showintents = 'true'  
	showfollow = 'true'  
	avatar = ''  
	targetBlank = 'false' 
	items = 10 
	showts = 86400 
	dateFormat = 'Y-m-d H:i:s' 


All parameters has been explained here:

Parameter Description Default Options Required/Optional
before_widget HTML markup before widget '<div class='widget_ajaxtown_twitter'>' - Optional
after_widget HTML markup after widget '</div>' - Optional
before_title Markup before title '<h2>' - Optional
after_title Markup after title '</h2>' - Optional
title Title of the widget '' - Optional
errmsg Msg to display when feeds are not available '' - Optional
username Authorized twitter username '' - Required
list Twitter list '' - Optional
showreplies Display replies 'true' true/false Optional
showretweets Display Retweets 'true' true/false Optional
showinreplyto Display in reply to 'true' true/false Optional
showfrom Display sent via 'true' true/false Optional
showintents Display intents (reply, re-tweet, favourite) 'true' true/false Optional
showfollow Display follow link 'true' true/false Optional
avatar Display avatar. If blank no avatar is displayed - mini, normal, bigger, original Optional
targetBlank Open links in new window if true 'false' true/false Optional
items Total items to display 10 int Optional
showts Display time in multiple ways 86400 0/3600/864006/604800/2592000/31536000/-1 Optional

As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this plugin. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the plugin, please let me know.